Mr.Children and Tamaki Koji join the cast of FNS Kayousai & First Set of Performances Announced

Following the announcement of their second wave of artists, Fuji TV have now revealed the third grouping that will be performing on their yearly music special FNS Kayousai.  This time there are only two additional acts who will be joining the show’s cast:  pop-rock band Mr.Children and singer Tamaki Koji.  Mr.Children will be performing the lead track off of their newest single, “Ashioto ~Be Strong” as well as a new song that they’ve never played on air before, while Tamaki will be performing his 1996 hit song “Melody”, which was used as the theme for the movie “Otoko wa Tsurai yo”.

In addition, several of the collaborations (and songs) which will occur during the special were also confirmed by the TV station.  Some of the more notable collabs include Yuzu x SEKAI NO OWARI, Kishidan x Momoiro Clover Z, and Sakai Yu x Makihara Noriyuki x Crystal Kay.

Check out the complete list of published collaborations and songs right after the jump, and look forward to more of them being unveiled in the near future.

-’FNS Kayousai 2014′ Collaboration & Song Repertoire-

  • Wada Akiko x Takarazuka Revue – “Ai no Sanka”
  • Iruka x Minami Kousetsu x Ise Shozo – “Nagori Yuki”
  • Yuzu x SEKAI NO OWARI – “Itsuka”
  • Otaki Eiichi – “Shiawase no Ketsumatsu” (*This performance will be a collaboration by various members of the night’s cast)
  • Go Hiromi – “GOLDFINGER ’99” (*Various other artists will collaborate with Go on this song)
  • Kishidan x Momoiro Clover Z – Song TBA
  • Hata Motohiro x Katahira Rina x Ohara Sakurako – “Himawari no Yakusoku”
  • Sakai Yu x Makihara Noriyuki x Crystal Kay – Song TBA
  • THE KING TONES – “Good Night Baby”
  • THE ALFEE – 40th Anniversary Special Medley
  • miwa x Yamamoto Sayaka (from NMB48) – Song TBA
  • Moritaka Chisato – “Ame”
  • aiko – “Kabutomushi”
  • Ikimonogakari – “Arigatou”
  • and more

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