Model Sayoko Ozaki Gives Birth to a Son and ‘Happie Nuts’ Revival

Sayoko Ozaki has been quite the busy bee these past weeks. Just two weeks ago she had announced that she had gotten married (via her blog) and it seems like the good times are still on a roll with her. On October 21st, through her Line blog,  Sayoko had told fans she gave birth to a healthy baby boy! The little bundle of joy was born at 7 am, October 20th; weighing 2656g (5.8lbs). She was discharged from the hospital October 26th. Both mommy and baby boy are doing fine. Come see the precious photos of mother and son; plus find out what Ms. Ozaki was up to during her pregnancy (it’s nuts!).





Today Sayoko announced that there would be a mini-revival of popular magazine ‘Happie Nuts‘. When you buy a copy ‘Devil ageha‘ (available November 1st) it will include a little booklet of ‘Happie Nuts‘, with new photoshoots/spreads for you to enjoy. Sayoko said she was going to announce the good news earlier, but she was a little busy (as we could see).

We wish the best to Sayoko Ozaki in her new marriage, her new role as a mother and her continuation as a business woman!