Hey! Say! JUMP hits the dance floor in “Fantastic Time” PV

Hey! Say! JUMP hits the dance floor in their latest music video for “Fantastic Time”. The group has 9 members and they make use of this to groove and move to numerous dance formations featured in the PV. You can watch the whole choreography in the released “Practice Time” video, recorded as the group danced the whole song in one go.

The group will be releasing their new single “Give Me Love”, theme song for Yamada’s “Cain and Abel” drama on December 14.  Set on a mellow R&B sound, Hey! Say! JUMP sings about the “true love” in a heart-wrenching yet powerful way.

If you’ve been missing and needing your fix of Hey! Say! JUMP’s dance routines, this one is for you. They are back at it with this single so check out the videos below.