Matsushita Yuya reprises role in new Black Butler Musical

The upcoming ‘Musical Black Butler-Licorice Burning on the Ground’, a new musical show based on Toboso Yana ‘s popular manga series has introduced its  main cast through a 25-second teaser posted in its official Youtube channel. The musical, which is based on the manga’s popular “Jack the Ripper” arc will be performed at Roppongi Blue Theater in Tokyo from September 5 to 23, and at Umeda Arts Theater’s Theater Drama City in Osaka from October 2 to 5.

Matsushita Yuya will once again reprise his role as Sebastian Michaelis. He has been playing the character since the first stage play in 2009. 12-year-old child actor Fukuzaki Nayuta is newly cast as Ciel Phantomhive.

You can check out the teaser introducing the main cast and more information below the cut.


Sebastian Michaelis – Matsushita Yuya
Ciel Phantomhive – Fukuzaki Nayuta
Grell Sutcliff – Uehara Takuya
Ota Motohiro – Charles Grey
Hirose Yusuke – Charles Phipps
William T. Spears – Teruma
Viscount of Druitt – Sasaki Yoshihide
Baldroy – Washio Noboru
Finnian – Kawaharada Takuya
Mey-Rin – Terasaki Yuka
Fred Abberline – Takagi Shun
Sharpe Hanks – Terayama Takeshi
Undertaker – Izumi Shuhei
Lau – Araki Hirofumi
Madam Red – AKANE LIV


More on the musical’s official website and twitter account.

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