Maroka Uchiyama’s Wife Gives Birth

After having a shotgun wedding earlier this year, Maroka Uchiyama is now a father for the second time. Yesterday, after what he described as a painful birth, Maro’s new wife gave birth to the child he originally wanted aborted. The child is a boy, making this the second son for Maro (his first son is by his ex-wife whom he allegedly left for Ayumi Hamasaki). The boy doesn’t have a name yet, but he does have a nickname: Melon-chan. He weighs¬†2820 grams (6.2 pounds).

In other Maroka Uchiyama news, he is considering adding another job to his lengthy resume: host. After his failed foray into politics, he is considering working at a host club after receiving offers to do so. He’s also received offers to do porn movies geared towards women.

Maroka posted pictures of his new baby on his blog. Check them out after the jump!

Before going to the hospital, Maro took a picture of his wife while she was in labor.

He said that she was ugly at the time, hence the mosaic.






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