Maroka Uchiyama’s Campaign Flops

As previously reported, Maroka Uchiyama has entered the world of politics. He was running for a seat on the city assembly of Tokyo’s Shibuya Ward. The election was Sunday and the results are in! Maro’s bid fell on largely deaf ears. The multi-hyphenate came in third to last place out of 50 candidates. He managed to get 229 votes. He thanked his supporters, but also apologized to them for his failure. He thinks one problem he may have had is that the youth, the constituency he was targeting, don’t really care about politics. He admitted that he didn’t care for it in his younger days.

This defeat is the only the beginning of his political career though. He’s not going to let this roadblock stop his political ambitions. He is considering running for a seat in the House of Councillors, the upper house of the National Diet, Japan’s legislature. He’s advocating for world peace. He also reaffirmed this commitment to not letting his political career derail his music career.

Today, Maro uploaded some videos of him on the campaign trail. Check the out after the jump!