Mariya Nishiuchi to release a cutesy pop double-A side single on May

Mariya Nishiuchi to release a double-A side single on May 25 entitled “Chu Chu/HellO”. In addition to these, the jacket photos and promotional videos have been released for the upcoming release.

Check them out below!



Chu Chu/HellO Limited Edition CD + DVD + Mini Photobook


Chuchu/HellO Regular Edition CD + DVD (HellO version)


Chuchu/HellO Regular Edition CD ONLY

Chu Chu will be used as a song for a commercial. It focuses on feelings of a girl in love. Nishiuchi, who has worked for the songwriting, mentions that it is her first time to have this kind of song. This song offers a dance pop tune suited for girls having the feelings of love.

HellO, on the other hand, brings a tropical feeling that will brighten up one’s morning. Nishiuchi promotes the strong point of this song as “being able to cheer up someone first thing in the morning in order to do one’s best!

Nishiuchi comments on her upcoming releases:

Since I had fun with the filming, I was able to show a genuine smile in which I hope will  make people smile as well.


Source: modelpress