BABYMETAL to appear in Super Mario Maker

No, you haven’t read that title wrong. International metal/idol sensation BABYMETAL are now due to be appearing in Super Mario Maker- in well, absolutely adorable sprite form. Nintendo announced the news yesterday, and posted a video to show off the bizarre marketing choice. Watch it after the jump!

Like other costumes in the game, BABYMETAL are activated when Mario picks up the right mushroom. Nintendo are also including an Event Course based on the trio. As BABYMETAL’s popularity grows, you have to marvel at the marketing team’s ingenious ideas. It truly is quite an amazing thing to behold and watch- even if you have no interest in the group itself. This is just another leap in the weird trajectory of the group- and is hard not to smile (even secretly) about.

BABYMETAL for Super Mario Maker are available to download from today, the 28th of April.