Marie Kondo & Rola cover Numero Tokyo

A special March 2020 issue of Numero Tokyo has been announced, and the cover models are none other than cleaning superstar Marie Kondo and visionary Rola!

The two talk about the era of being “dominated” by things, and speak of trying to live lives closer to their hearts. They attempt to accomplish this by cherishing “things that can flourish”, and “things that you can sympathize with”. By doing so you can live a lifestyle that values only the things you love!

In the full interview the two go further in-depth on living life to the fullest, relating it to their work and personal interests. Marie Kondo became famous worldwide for her “KonMari” tidying method, and even from an early stage in her career Rola has dedicated her time to various environmental issues.

The March 2020 issue of Numero Tokyo will be released on Janaury 28th, 2020.