Koki profiled by Vogue Japan, Shizuka Kudo shares heartwarming message for older sister Kokomi

Little is known about the elusive Kokomi. She is apparently a very talented musician, and multilingual just like her little sister. Very protected by her parents, the only public photographs that exist of her is when she was a baby, and she is almost never mentioned in public.

Shizuka was reflecting on being born during the Showa era, living through the Heisei era, and now celebrating Reiwa.

Reiwa officially began on May 1st, and Kokomi’s birthday was May 1st. She was born back in 2001.

“May 1st is the day when I heard the voice that gave me awareness, responsibility, zeal, joy, and infinite love as a mother. I reflected on the day when I held my child for the first time, her powerful voice, and how that powerful voice has remained in my heart, harmonized. It made me stronger”

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