Kanjani8’s Okura Tadayoshi Tests Positive for COVID-19

Okura Tadayoshi, member of Kanjani8, has tested positive for COVID-19, as reported by the official website of Johnny & Associates. He began to feel tired on the night of September 20, but didn’t have a fever. The next morning, he had a fever of 37.5℃. He was then tested for COVID-19 and received a positive result on September 23. Tadayoshi is now under the care of a health center, which he will remain under for ten days, starting from the day of the onset of his symptoms, September 20.

The other four members of Kanjani8, along with a manager, took COVID-19 tests on the day of Tadayoshi’s diagnosis. All of their tests came back negative. However, Maruyama Ryuhei and the manager will self-isolate for the next 14 days due to being in close contact with Tadayoshi. Murakami Shingo, Yokoyama You, and Yasuda Shota will continue their activities seeing as how they weren’t in close contact with Tadayoshi.