Kago Ai’s new idol group Girls Beat!! will stream debut on niconico

It was announced the debut of idol group Girls Beat!! live from Asakusa Rokku Yumemachi Gekijou will take place July 26th on niconico live starting at 18:30 JST.

The group was formed after the Minna de Tsukuru! Girl Unit Project audition held earlier this year. It’s led by ex-Morning Musume Ai Kago and includes Ryona Himeno and former AKIHABARA Backstage pass member Kita Remi.

Girls Beat!! has the concept “one girl, one talent”; each girl showcasing their individual talent. If you weren’t aware (I wasn’t), Kago Ai is a skilled tap dancer, Kita Remi will show off her baton twirling, and Ryona Himeno is a human beat box. During their live, they will use their skills to perform the fourth single of the Morning Musume subgroup Minimoni ‘Mini Strawberry Pie.’

Their debut single ‘Sekai Seifuku‘ will be available July 22.



  1. Sekai Seifuku (世界征服)
  2. Make up the happiness!!