Kago Ai’s Management Terminates Contract

Entertainment agency Arcenciel has announced that their management contract with former Golden Era Morning Musume member Kago Ai has been terminated as of August 24.

An Arcenciel representative reveals that the two camps were unable to come to an agreement after three months of mediation.

After four years working together, Arcenciel says letting her go was a “difficult decision“. The two parties officially parted ways after Kago Ai’s live event held on the same day.

I hope she continues learning more about ‘social grace [life experience] and sociability’ as she grows more as an adult and a mother,” writes the Arcenciel representative. “We will continue to watch over her growth in her personal life.

Kago Ai got her start in the entertainment industry as a member of idol group Morning Musume in 2000. She joined duo W in 2004 with fellow group member Tsuji Nozomi—the now successful Mama blogger and YouTube personality—but was suspended indefinitely from her agency Hello! Project in 2006 following an underage smoking incident, and officially fired in 2007 for continued offenses. After 13 years, she was finally recognized by the agency and was given the opportunity to perform again as W in concert and TV.

(via Natalie)