Jin Akanishi reveals his comeback plans + leaked single info

To coincide with his 30th birthday, the US independence day, and Arama’s comeback ,  this July 4th Japanese national icon Jin Akanishi has announced his entertainment industry comeback on his website .

The site, which had a countdown timer going for some time revealed an upcoming photobook release, titled “WORK HARD PLAY HARD“, along with a new fanclub (“JIPs”) (currently Japanese only), news, biography, discography, movie, and store sections, as well as a staff blog. The once internationally shamed “That’s What She Said” singer ends his biography with a promise of a new era, saying “Launch of own label, the start of a new beginning.” Leading to speculation that future Akanishi Jin releases will be independently published.

This video, which was posted with the countdown gives us a sneak peak into the future of the Akanishi Jin project

To celebrate this new beginning, the elusive chanteur has tweeted a picture of a cake baring the words “Happy (J)independence Day” the same as his website. Presumably, he chose the cake frosting based on his favorite shade of women’s hair coloring.

Shinsedo has accidentally leaked information on Jin’s new single “Good Time”! Not official yet, but very likely:

Please be excited. I know I am.