JASMINE releases pv for “Last Word”

As previously reported, JASMINE is set to release her first best album “PURE LOVE BEST” on October 29. One of the new songs on the album is called “Last Word.” “Last Word” finds JASMINE returning to her R&B roots, leaving behind the EDM sound her more recent releases have had. It also appears as if the music video was shot at the same time as the cover shoot for the album. Check out the video after the jump, as well as details on a forthcoming collaboration with another young female singer!


In other JASMINE news, she was recently in the studio with Kato Miliyah. Out of that session came “DRIVE”, which will be on Miliyah’s forthcoming collaboration album “MUSE”. “MUSE” is a 2 cd set that will be released the same day as JASMINE’s best album. We will have more details on “MUSE” in the future.