Japanese Celebrity Halloween Costumes [2019]

Happy Halloween! The spookiest holiday of the year has arrived again, and many celebrities decided to show off their costumes across various SNS platforms.

Perhaps Satan’s influence is waning in Japan, as quite a few celebrities who dressed up in the past didn’t wear anything this year, or perhaps they simply decided to not share their costume. Nevertheless, tons of stars did dress up this year, and one of our favorites goes to former Morning Musume member Nozomi Tsuji.

Nozomi and her friends dressed up as zombified Sailor Senshi, while for his very first Halloween Nozomi’s youngest son Koa dressed as Minnie Mouse! Our other favorites would be talent Kemio also did an accurate costume of Frank-n-Furter from the musical “Rocky Horror Picture Show”, and Hades from Disney’s 1997 animated adaptation of “Hercules”.

Check out the costumes below!

Did we miss some of your favorite celebrity Halloween costumes? Share them with us below in the comments!