J Soul Brothers’ Kenjiro Yamashita to replace EXILE MAKIDAI on Zip!

It has been announced that Sandaime J Soul Brothers member Kenjiro Yamashita will be replacing his fellow LDH co-worker EXILE MAKIDAI on the weekly news show Zip!

Yamashita has made a name for himself being the groups mood maker, with his talkative nature causing him to shine on variety and radio programs. He’s also been gaining traction as an actor, recently starring in the film Our Blue Moment with Mai Fukagawa. He also starred in all five of the High & Low films.

In a statement Yamashita shared that he enjoyed watching his senior on Zip! for 7 years, and has learned a lot watching him. Yamashita hopes that he too can become one of the familiar morning faces people get used to seeing, and will always try his best with a smile on his face!

Last Month MAKIDAI shared his plans to graduate from the show, he is going to focus on advancing his DJ career especially to an oversea audience. MAKIDAI’s final appearance on the show will take place on March 27th.

MAKIDAI released his first remix album and digital single on August 27th, 2008. On December 31st, 2015 he retired from position as a performer in EXILE along with USA and Toshio Matsumoto.