Sayuri’s “Moon & Bouquet”, ending theme of Fate/EXTRA Last Encore available for streaming worldwide

The “Sanketsu Shoujo” Sayuri (Suffocating Girl) is currently enjoying the success of her 6th single Moon & Bouquet. It’s currently serving as the ending theme for the anime series Fate/EXTRA Last Encore.

Back in 2015 Sayuri burst onto the scene with the release of her debut single Mikazukishe later followed with the release of her acclaimed album Mikazuki no Koukai. The album topped the Oricon daily charts and finished weekly at #3!

Sayuri “resides” in both the 2-dimensional world and 3-dimensional world in a parallel, putting her in a 2.5 dimensional world.

She has continued to stand by her fellow “Sanketsu Sedai (suffocating generation)” with her songs, and through resonating with them, Moon & Bouquet was born; symbolizing a new beginning for the singer-songwriter.

The song synchronizes with the world of Fate/EXTRA Last Encore and shows us what lies beyond “Mikazuki”. Experience the new beginning and world of Sayuri with all five senses.

Where do I belong? What is my “world”? Sayuri has stepped forward in finding the answers and reasons to live deep within her consciousness; corresponding to the synchronization of what lies beyond Mikazuki with the relationship between servant Saber and protagonist Hakuno in Fate/EXTRA Last Encore, making the song a beginning to the second chapter in Sayuri’s career.

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