Hiroki Narimiya announces retirement from the entertainment industry

Following the article published by FRIDAY last December 2, the actor Hiroki Narimiya (34) has announced his retirement in the show business through his company.

The published article has claimed that the actor uses cocaine and other drugs. At the same day, he has denied the accusations saying that these were false. He firmly said that he was willing to take legal actions. He also mentioned how he felt furious as he never used drugs.

The management comments: As a social responsibility, we have conducted investigations as well as hearings.  However, we could not confirm the objective which has led to the accusations about him using drugs. While considering his future plans, he, himself, has requested to retire from the entertainment industry.

His management was also surprised with his decision. “We had to talk about this multiple times, but since his decision has been final, we had no choice but to respect him.”

Narimiya’s letter was sent last December 8, 2016 via fax:

I am aware that I was the cause of everything that has happened. I was tricked by several people and was betrayed by a friend whom I trusted with all my heart.

In this kind of career, there are things such as sexuality which the people [from this industry] do not want to expose, I cannot express enough fear, despair, and anxiety which continue to crush me. This is because of the wrong information which is spreading until now.  

I want to disappear from the entertainment world.

Continuing my work in the entertainment industry might cause further inconveniences to other people. There is no way but to leave the industry as soon as possible.

Thank you very much for everyone who was involved in making me grow as an actor as well as those who supported me.

For the fans who cheered on me, I would like to apologize in leaving [the industry] this way.

I am really sorry. At the same time, thank you very much.

December 8, 2016

Narimiya Hiroki

Source: Oricon