Haruna Kojima stars in sexy new CM for Uniqlo

Talent and model Haruna Kojima has bagged herself a brand new endorsement deal with the retail giant Uniqlo.

Since graduating from AKB48 in April 2017 Kojima continued to grow her personal brand, being one of the most influential Japanese female celebrities on Instagram. Her official website serves as a lifestyle/wellness blog of sorts, where she gives tips and recommendations on fashion, make up, and other various beauty products.

Kojima flew down to the heart of New York city to film the CM and take photos for the campaign. The CM begins with a almost naked Koijima getting out of bed and starting her day by putting on Uniqlo’s wireless bra, from their “LifeWear” collection. She puts on a grey shawl then dramatically gazes into the camera.

At an event promoting her new campaign, Kojima praised the comfort and support of the bra, while still adding how important it was that it still makes the wearer feel sexy and confident. Wearing actual items from “LifeWear” to the event, she also showed off how no panty lines were exposed despite wearing skin tight white jeans.

She went on to play a good spokesperson by saying “If you wear a Uniqlo bra, happiness will come!“. The full CM, BTS footage, and photos from the event can be seen below. 


(photos via Nosh)