AV idol duo “Lolita Daydream” to debut in February

A new unit consisting of AV idols Kena Kirari & Yui Makina called Lolita Daydream will be making their debut in February.

The concept of the group has been described as decadence x electro, which is thoroughly displayed in the girls first single Blue Plaque.  Proving that there is indeed life after porn, the song is actually produced by a former AV star! Yu Nakami, who also DJs under the name Yuutamu. Sha P (Yu Sando) provided the lyrics.

On January 28th the girls will be appearing and performing at an event called Milgenne New Year Party 2018, where fans will be able to purchase copies of the single ahead of the standard release date. Two b-sides will be included on the single, Je and To Arms! Previews for both tracks are expected to be released shortly.

Blue Plaque will have a standard release on February 21st, 2018. The full version of Blue Plaque can currently be streamed on SoundCloud for a limited time, listen to it below!