Kanjani fans are satisfied with Tadayoshi Okura dating Yuriko Yoshitaka: “Better than Serina”

On the 15th July, tabloid ‘Friday’ reported that actress Yuriko Yoshitaka (27) and Kanjani8 member Tadayoshi Okura (31) are dating. Paps caught Yoshitaka during her frequent visits to Okura’s apartment. One could expect that Okura’s fanbase would be raging… Surprisingly, rather than bad-mouthing Yoshitaka, the net is throwing a party satisfied that the Kanjani star left his previous “sweetheart” Serina.

According to the sources, Yoshitaka broke up with Radwimps leader Yojiro Noda last year. At similar time Okura is said to part ways with Serina.

Comments on Twitter are ruthless: “Million times better than Serina“, “How to call this feeling? I’m not as furious as when I heard about Serina“, “I hated Serina, but I approve of Yoshitaka“, “Good you left Serina and found yourself a decent girl”, “Good job! At last friday’d with a top-class actress”. Anti-fans also have no mercy and leave their comments on Serina’s official accounts, but these are said to be regularly deleted by Serina/staff.

Gossip journalists comment: “When the news of Okura and Serina emerged in 2014, Serina was already high in the ranks of the most hated celebrity. On top of that she started posting pictures of herself in coordinated outfits with Okura and hinting on their romance, which infuriated the johnny fans. Yoshitaka had a time when she was strongly criticized for her thoughtless comments, but her image got incomparably better after starring in NHK’s ‘Hanako to Anne’. She also stepped up as an actress. Even Okura-fans look at her in a more approving way now.”   

Johnny’s management is said to be carefully reading the fans’ reactions to any dating news/scandal – and hope that they are also happy that Okura switched from problematic Serina to asadora-graduate Yoshitaka.

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