Hey! Say! JUMP’s Kei Inoo Spotted with 2 Female Announcers Visiting his Apartment

Shukan Bunshun recently reported two different female announcers visiting Hey! Say! JUMP‘s Kei Inoo (26) at his apartment.  Misato Ugaki (25) of TBS’s Asachan! and Mana Mikami (27) of Fuji TV’s Mezamashi Terebi were spotted outside of Inoo’s apartment building.  Both of the announcers work for morning news shows.  Inoo is also working as a regular of Mezamashi Terebi on Thursdays.


The companies of the parties involved have also released comments regarding the scandal.

“It is true that they have eaten meals together as co-stars.  However, there is no relationship.” (Fuji TV)

“We do not answer regarding the private lives of our employees.” (TBS)

“Due to the irrational behavior that led to such speculation, we deeply apologize for any inconvenience or worry caused.” (Johnny’s Jimusho)

On November 11, 2016 Inoo was also spotted with AV actress Kirara Asuka (27) poolside in Singapore.

Inoo has been getting caught relatively frequently in these “scandals”.  As Hey! Say! JUMP and Inoo himself have been experiencing tremendous boosts in popularity lately, how do you think news like this will affect the idol and his group?  Or maybe this is just some ploy to bring attention to Hey! Say! JUMP and their new release Give Me Love.  The previous scandal was also published the same amount of time before the release of Fantastic Time as the publish date of this scandal and the release of Give Me Love.

Coincidence? Conspiracy Theory?

(via Shukan Bunshun)


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