Arata Mackenyu Tests Positive for COVID-19 After Date with Mystery Woman

On the afternoon of May 12, Arata Mackenyu, dressed in Burberry, was spotted by “Friday” at the Hermes store in Tokyo’s Ginza on a date with a mystery woman, A-san. He exited a chauffer-driven car parked in the alley next to the store, was greeted by store staff, and entered the store through the back door. A-san followed behind him, dressed in a white shirt and black pants. She’s petite, but her style is eye-catching.

“A-san (Okamoto Natsuki, allegedly) is seven years older than Mackenyu. She debuted as a child actress and became a model and actress when she got older,” says an entertainment management worker. “She wanted to continue her career, but retired in her early 20s. After that, she married a famous stylist.”

According to an acquitance of Mackenyu’s, he and A-san met in 2018 on a photoshoot that A-san accompanied her stylist husband on. Mackenyu later learned that she was married and said that he would like to get married. About a year and half later, A-san got Mackenyu’s contact information from an acquaintance, ONE OK ROCK‘s Taka, and contacted him. The two then began dating. It was assumed that she was divorced by that time, but some thought she was cheating on her husband. Mackenyu, deeply in love with A-san, didn’t care though. Mackenyu and A-san have been dating for about two years now, and live in a luxurious condominium in Tokyo.

Mackenyu and A-san appeared close at Hermes. After leaving the store, they went to a popular curry shop in Ura-Harajuku, followed by Starbucks. A-san then returned home alone. “Friday” lost track of Mackenyu along the way.

Mackenyu and A-san did reunite that night though, according to another of his acquaintances. The couple had dinner in Minato Ward with five other people, including staff. Mackenyu was scheduled to leave the country on May 14, so it was assumed that this was his going away party. He left his agency TOP COAT to focus on his overseas career.

“Working overseas may not have only been inspired by his father, Sonny Chiba, but also by Oguri Shun and Yamashita Tomohisa, as well as Miura Haruma, who he admired before his death. Mackenyu sees his working overseas as a way of fulfilling Haruma’s dream of working overseas,” added the acquaintance. He’s going to Hollywood to shoot a live action adaption of a popular Japanese manga, which will be second or third role there.”

This acquaintance also said that A-san will move overseas to be with Mackenyu later. He’s told his close friends that he wants to marry A-san. He introduced A-san to his father and younger brother, Maeda Gordon, about a year ago.

However, right before Mackenyu was set to leave for the US, he tested positive for COVID-19.

“Naturally, his depature was postponed. He seems to be asymptomatic, but he will need to quaratine at home for two weeks,” says the acquaintance. “Last May, during the state of emergency, it was reported that Mackenyu vacationed with others in Okinawa, including Yamada Takayuki. A-san was also on the Okinawa trip. Mackenyu was reprimanded by his management and apologized on social media.”

“Although he is asymptomatic, many people are concerned because he was out shopping and dining out with staff during another state of emergency. He is now depressed because he put others at risk,” added the acquaintance.

Mackenyu is now managed by his father’s private management. “Friday” reached out to them for comment. They confirmed the positive PCR test. However, when Mackenyu was more throughly tested four days later, the PCR test was negative, the antigen test was negative, but the antibody test was positive. In regards to A-san, management said Mackenyu’s private life is his own business.

Can Mackenyu overcome COVID-19 and expand his career overseas with his older lover?



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