Akemi Darenogare Shuts Down ‘Patron’ Rumors: “I pay my rent by myself”

Following reports from weekly magazines that detailed her living in a luxury apartment, talent Akemi Darenogare fires back letting y’all know she pays for it on her own.

The latest issue from weekly magazine Shukan Josei reports that Darenogare has moved into a luxury condominium in a very popular area of Tokyo. Her apartment is said to be over 200 square meters with rent allegedly costing 1.3 million yen (~$11,750 USD) a month at a minimum.

As a result, many jumped to conclusions that someone was paying for this space for her. A sugar daddy, perhaps? Darenogare wants to let you know you’ve got the wrong queen if you think so.

Upon hearing this news, Darenogare set the record straight and denied that a “patron” is paying her rent for her:

I’m paying the rent for my current place myself. I don’t make a living buttering up men. I’m fine. I work hard and buy myself what I want. If there’s somewhere I want to live, I will persevere to meet my objective because you don’t earn anything by being lazy.

(via Nikkan Sports)


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