GENERATIONS drop high energy MV for “F.L.Y. BOYS F.L.Y. GIRLS”

GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE has released the latest MV for their new single F.L.Y. BOYS F.L.Y. GIRLS.

This is the groups sixteenth single overall, and will be released on June 13th, 2018.

Self-described as a “speedy dance tune” full of youth, this song is sure to be a hot topic that will get your blood pumping. The lyric to F.L.Y. BOYS F.L.Y. GIRLS are dedicated to the youth all around the world.

The MV itself has a sense of “speed” and high energy. The major setting is an abandoned airplane hanger, where GENERATIONS and their army of unisex dancers show off their moves.

One of the highlights of the choreography is a modified “Fist Pump”, this is a fun move that anyone can do no matter your dancing level, or lack there of. The group expects this to be a popular staple while performing the song live.

GENERATIONS is currently preparing for the very first day of their anticipated set of Dome concerts, which begins on May 12th and the Nagoya Dome.

Watch the MV for F.L.Y. BOYS F.L.Y. GIRLS below!

Single covers forĀ F.L.Y. BOYS F.L.Y. GIRLS can be seen here.