GACKT has an inferiority complex about his nipples

J-rock superstar GACKT has made a very serious confession on his official Instagram account.

The “Vanilla” singer uploaded a video on Instagram showing him playing with both his nipples through a t-shirt, he went on to confess that he wished he had nipples that had more feeling.

GACKT went on to pinch the nipple of his workout partner, who naturally winced in pain. GACKT shared that he was full of envy that his nipple would produce such a feeling.

The former Malice Mizer member then began to briefly lament about how he must be really missing out on the erotic side of things, saying that his insensitive nipples probably makes sex more boring compared to the average person. There are lots of things you can do with sensitive nipples.

The esteemed journalists at mess-y dug up an old interview with GACKT from 1999, when asked about some of his elaborate clothing he answered that you do tend to feel it a lot in the chest area, which must get quite painful. Mess-y concluded that GACKT’s nipples were at least somewhat sensitive 19 years ago.

GACKT continues to be very active on Instagram, mainly uploading selfies and videos of him working out.

Later this month GACKT will be making an appearance at “WADA FES” on October 18th, honoring the legendary singer Akiko Wada.