Fumi Nikaido stars in extravagant CM for Majolica Majorca, feat music from DAOKO

Actress Fumi Nikaido is starring in a brand new nationwide CM for the makeup brand Majolica Majorca.

Majolica Majorca is owned by the Japanese makeup giant Shiseido. They carry an assortment of beauty products such as mascara, lip tint, eye liner, nail polish, and eye brow brushes. Majolica Majorca is known for their very elegant and “royal” looking packaging.

The CM isn’t the typical 15 or 30 second one, it’s more of a “CM movie” clocking in at nearly 3 minutes. The theme of the CM is “magic”.

It begins with Nikaido in the audience of a stage performance that just ended. As the audience clears out she stares longingly at her ticket, presumably not wanting the show to end. As she begins to head out a mysterious door near the back of the venue suddenly begins to glow red.

The door has a “Majolica Majorca” symbol on it. While in the room Nikaido finds a vanity with various Majolica Majorca products and begins her glamorous transformation.

Suddenly the mysterious door opens again and Nikaido finds herself on stage, with her “past self” clapping in the audience.  The music in the CM was provided by DAOKO.

Check out the full CM below.