Former Girls’ Generation member Jessica in hot water over possible plagiarism

Japanese netizens are currently in an uproar over former Girls’ Generation (Shoujo Jidai) member Jessica Jung. Evidence has come out that Jessica and her company may have plagiarized a Japanese fashion company, also titled ‘BLANC’. However, the plagiarizing wasn’t just in the name, but the entire website layout and logo design looks similar.

The other day Jessica’s company changed the brand’s name from “BLANC” to “BLANC & ECLARE”, probably due to news of the Japanese brand with the same name.

Original Japanese 'BLANC' website

Original Japanese ‘BLANC’ website

Jessica's "BLANC" website

Jessica’s ‘BLANC’ website

Top: Japanese 'BLANC' logo Bottom: Jessica's 'BLANC' logo

Top: Japanese ‘BLANC’ logo
Bottom: Jessica’s ‘BLANC’ logo

Anonymous /2014/10/07
I think they look like the spitting image of one another…but what do you all think?
Anonymous /2014/10/07
I wonder if this is the real reason she left the group?
Anonymous /2014/10/07
As one would expect of Korea LOL LOL
Anonymous /2014/10/07
It’s like they’re the same brand, or maybe I should just say they’re identical…
Anonymous /2014/10/07
The hell is this?
Anonymous /2014/10/07

“Eeeeh, they look completely different”

I want to hear the opinion of someone who thinks that. LOL

Anonymous /2014/10/07
China and Korea are one and the same.
Anonymous /2014/10/07
What an idiot LOL
Anonymous /2014/10/07
They’re just taking things from that site little by little
Anonymous /2014/10/07
As expected of South Korea
Anonymous /2014/10/07
And she’s OUT LOL. As expected of Korea, they look the exact saaaame.
Anonymous /2014/10/07
They’re the exact same HAHAHA
Anonymous /2014/10/07
It’s not the merchandise, but the shop’s name that she’s copying, right?
Anonymous /2014/10/07
She can’t talk her way out of this one.
Anonymous /2014/10/07
This is definitely plagiarism!
Korea does nothing but plagiarize
Anonymous /2014/10/07
When they decided on the brand name, didn’t they check to see if there was one already out there?
Anonymous /2014/10/07

North Korea and South Korea

They’re both bad….

Anonymous /2014/10/07
For them to copy THAT much, well it’s nothing short of amazing HAHAHA
Anonymous /2014/10/07
How foolish.
Even if they have the same name, then they should have had something else be their main item of merchandise. If she really wanted to sell sunglasses, then shouldn’t she have looked and found out if there was already a brand with the same name?

Anonymous /2014/10/07
I can see that these things always happen, but how could they go as far as to copy the entire thing?
There are countless brand names and logos that they could have come up with.
I don’t know if they copied this intentionally or not.
This doesn’t mean that Jessica did this solely by herself, I can’t imagine that Jessica and all of her staff sat down and said, “Yeah, let’s rip off this entire brand”.
Anonymous /2014/10/07
“Japan is the worst! I hate Japan!”
As long as you say that or worse and show your prejudice toward Japan you can then copy any Japanese thing that you want and use it as your own


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Via: GirlsChannel


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