FNS Kayousai 2016 Initial List of Performers

Television network Fuji TV announced the initial list of performers for their annual music special FNS Kayousai.  The end of the year music festival will once again be split up into two separate days, December 7 and December 14.  Both shows will air from 7 PM to 11:18 PM, totaling to an impressive 8 hours and 36 minutes worth of entertainment and will be hosted by actors Ken Watabe and Chisato Moritaka (the duo which hosts weekly music show Love Music), with additional assistance from announcer Ayako Kato.

The artists featured will range from popular idol groups like Arashi and AKB48, to well-known solo artists like Gen Hoshino and Kana Nishino, and even break-out internet sensation Pikotaro.  Some highlights that can be expected on December 7 are a hit medley by Maki Ohguro and an appearance by Mone Kamishiraishi who provided the voice of Mitsuha Miyamizu in the the smash-hit movie Kimi no Na wa.  On December 14, we can look forward to a special medley by Doumoto Brothers Band dedicated to Kinki Kids 20th anniversary and a Christmas Song medley performed by the cluster of girl groups present for the show.

Read on below for the current list of artists participating in both of these music specials.

12 – 7 – 2016(Wednesday)19:00~23:18
AI / Ayaka / Arashi / Anri / HKT48 / AKB48 / EXILE THE SECOND / Maki Ohguro / Ami Ozaki / Chihiro Onitsuka / GACKT / Tokiko Kato / Miliyah Kato/ Mone Kamishiraishi / Kanjani∞ / Kis-My-Ft2 / KinKi Kids / Toshinobu Kubota / Crystal Kay / Keyakizaka46 / Hiromi Go/ Masashi Sada / Sandaime J Soul Brothers from EXILE TRIBE / THE ALFEE / Shouta Shimizu / JUJU / Masayuki Suzuki / Shinji Tanimura / chay / T.M.Revolution / TOKIO / Naoto Inti Raymi / NEWS / Nogizaka46 / Hata Motohiro / V6 / Fujiwara Sakura / Nana Mizuki / miwa / Momoiro Clover Z / Chisato Moritaka / Naotaro Moriyama/ Ryouko Moriyama / Sayaka Yamamoto / Yuzu / Akiko Wada / and more

12 – 14 – 2016(Wednesday)19:00~23:18
AI / aiko / [Alexandros] / E-girls / Ikimonogakari / AKB48 / A.B.C-Z / SKE48 / NMB48 / Kyary Pamyu Pamyu / ℃-ute / Kenta Kiritani / Toshinobu Kubota / Crystal Kay / Keyakizaka46 / Johnny’s WEST / Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku / Sexy Zone / DAIGO / T.M.Revolution / Doumoto Brothers Band(KinKi Kids, Toshihiko Takamizawa, Noriyuki Makihara, Takanori Nishikawa, Minami Takahashi, DAIGO, etc.) / AAA / Kana Nishino / Nogizaka46 / back number / Pikotaro / Hey! Say! JUMP / Gen Hoshino / Noriyuki Makihara / Daichi Miura / Morning Musume ’16 / Momoiro Clover Z / and more

Fuji TV has also mentioned that they expect the total performer list for the two days to exceed 110 artists so look forward to continued coverage as more details about them are announced.

(via natalie)