YEAH!!! Electric Ribbon announce debut full length!

Cute idol group Electric Ribbon recently announced their first full length album, entitled YEAH!!!, after almost a decade of activities. The album is set for a mid December release. Not only that, they have also released the album cover, a new track on Soundcloud and the album cover itself. Keep reading below for all this in more detail!

Album cover:

1. Eyeline (ALBUM MIX)
2. KampaiStarlight
3. Namioto Tuning
4. Soyokaze no KISS
5. Factory Of Love
6. Cream Soda
7. Steal me -Lady Edit-
8. Yumemiru Cotton Candy
9. Blade Runner
10. Muteki Girl
11. Hoshikuzu Highland (ALBUM MIX)
13. Girly Song
14. Anata ni Kiss (pippi only version)
15. Ai no Akashi -midnight floor remix (erica only version)

YEAH!!! is due out on December 13 via Hako Records and is set to retail at 3,024 yen (including tax). Already available to pre-order from the usual sites.

Listen to the lead single, KampaiStarlight right here:

Also, watch the music video for their latest single, Eyeline (to appear with a new mix on the album) right here:

A very exciting announcement for all Electric Ribbon fans, Arama wishes them well with this release!