lol Releases Exclusive Version of ‘bye bye’ MV for Popteen

Just in time for their new release in December, pop group lol has given magazine Popteen an exclusive MV of their song ‘bye bye’ for their youtube channel. Models Michiho &  Kenshin and Nachos (Natsue Tokumoto) & Takupon play two couples who’s love for each other wasn’t enough to keep them together.  In ‘bye bye’ we hear lol‘s signature club edm sound, which is quite upbeat for a break-up song. If you are worrying about if pairs well with the visuals you don’t have to. The story of the two ill-fated couples surprisingly fits well with the fast paced music we are given.


CD+DVD ver. , CD ver., and mu-mo ver.

  1. bye bye
  2. sync 
  3. gimme gimme
  4. bye bye (instrumental)
  5. sync (instrumental)
  6. gimme gimme (instrumental)

*DVD comes with bye bye, sync and gimme gimme MVs

bye bye‘ will be released 12.14 and is lol‘s 4th single under avextrax.