Becky Makes a Guest Appearance at GirlsAward A/W 2016

This past year there hasn’t been any shortage of news about Becky. With her comeback set in motion, many have been looking forward to hearing some positive news about the talento. This past weekend they had to look no further than Yoyogi National Gymnasium in Shibuya for GirlsAward A/W 2016 fashion show. There Becky received a warm welcome from the crowd, cheering as she walked the runway to show off this Autumn’s latest trends. Some have also praised the GirlsAward committee for allowing Becky to walk the event and protect her image. Due to personal problems being made public, it’s no secret that she has had much backlash. But being that nature of the problem wasn’t deemed serious (ie: violence or drugs) some have said it’s no one’s business but the party involved and that Becky should be allowed to slowly enter into her activities again.


If support continues in this direction, it won’t be long until we start seeing Becky appearing in at different events more often.

via ModelPress and Fashion-J