Crystal Kay and Namie Amuro make a ‘REVOLUTION’ in new full music video

As reported before, Crystal Kay will be releasing single, ‘REVOLUTION‘. This release has been gaining a lot of attention due to the collaboration with J-pop queen, Namie Amuro. And today, they have released the highly anticipated music video.

To further drive home the theme of empowerment, the video features about 500 women surrounding the two songstresses, fist pumping to the beat of the song. We also get to see Namie and Crystal dance together, in this beautiful, dream collaboration.

According to the source, Crystal Kay worked out and practiced prior to the photoshoot. Hence why fans were seeing glimpses of her in the gym and after dance sessions on instagram. According to Crystal it was because she didn’t want to drag down Namie and therefore tried her hardest to keep up. In total the video took 12 hours to shoot and looking at the end product, it was definitely worth it.

Don’t forget to check out the video below and tell us your thoughts on it!

via Natalie