Video of Up Up Girls hiking and performing on Mount Fuji Summit

At a live at Tokyo Nakano Sun Plaza Hall this past June, ambitious Idol group Up Up Girls challenged themselves to climb to the top of Mount Fuji for a special performance. That’s 12,388 feet above sea level!

Last month we covered an event report after it happened, but now video footage of the trek has been released. With hiking sticks in hand, Up Up Girls headed towards Mt. Fuji to perform at its peak.

The travel up took two days, wherein the girls hiked into the nightime with headlamps. They woke up early the second day and put on a short live where they performed their hit song ‘Zenryoku! Pump Up!!’ to a small crowd.

Leader Minami Sengoku commented on their journey, “Now that we’ve conquered Mount Fuji and held a live at such a high location, the next venue we want to dominate is Budokan. We will continue to aim towards the top of the idol world!