FEMM tease ‘Whiplash’, announce first album ‘Femm-Isation’

Unprecedented for FEMM, the mannequin duo have released a teaser for their new song ‘Whiplash‘. This song will mark the group’s 13th original release, and will seemingly fulfill all the slots on their website as previously theorized.

This will indeed be the group’s last song of this cycle, and as a result, they will release their first full album to be available October 1st: ‘Femm-Isation‘.

The teaser shows a super sleek studio with FEMM performing while being held by backup dancers set to presumably the instrumental of the song. They last teased this song back when they visited the US for the first time in July at an anime convention in Tulsa, where it was described as “the kind of song that you could easily pick up the lyrics to, it was very catchy”.

‘Femm-Isation’ Tracklist

  1. We Flood The Night
  2. Astroboy feat. Honey-B & W-Trouble
  3. Kill The DJ
  4. Party All Night
  5. The Real Thing
  6. Dead Wrong
  7. Unbreakable
  8. Girls Night Out
  9. Kiss The Rain
  10. Fxxk Boyz Get Money
  11. White Noise
  12. Whiplash
  13. Wannabe