Mai Shiraishi forgets her password in new CM for “HENNGE One”

Ever since her graduation from Nogizaka46 last year, Mai Shiraishi has had a very healthy amount of solo activities. As a member of Nogizaka46 she was the star of many CM campaigns, and that trend has continued. Shiraishi will be starring in a brand new nationwide campaign for “HENNGE One”.

“HENNGE One” is a service that provides a single sign-on feature mainly used for business purposes. With this users are able to sign into multiple services (email, Ring Central, Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, etc.) by just using one password and sign in. In the CM Shiraishi perfectly illustrates how coinvent this is as she franticly looks through sticky notes to try and find a specific password.

Starting this month the CM will air in the Nagoya Metropolitan Area, and then in Feburary will start to air all around Japan. The CM song is provided by Ikuko Harada, the vocalist and keyboardist from the band Clammbon.

Check out the 30 second CM below!