Mackenyu Arata & Yuya Yagira team up for new GATSBY CM

Pretty boy actor Mackenyu Arata has teamed up with his fellow peer Yuya Yagira for a brand new GATSBY CM.

GATSBY is a popular wellness brand for men, they’re perhaps best known for their wide range of hair wax/gel products. The company also offers other hair care products including hair dye, skincare, and body care products.

The CM is promoting GAYSBY’s “Perfect Skin Lotion”, an every day facial cream. It’s recommended to be used in conjunction with GATSBY’s facial cleanser, toner, and “clean up” face lotion.

Arata and Yagira play the role of futuristic cops, they’re joined by a large variety of eccentric characters who are also a part of the police force. Not your typical skincare CM. Check it out below!

Arata is currently enjoying the immense success of the Code Blue film. Yagira also appeared in a summer film hit, reprising his role as Toshiro Hijikata in “Gintama“.