Junichi Okada, Mai Shiraishi, Tao Tsuchiya, & Takumi Kitamura team up for new SoftBank CM series

SoftBank has brought together an all star lineup for a brand new CM series. The company has become quite renowned for their clever advertising throughout the years, with the most famous being “Otosan” the white dog and member of the “SoftBank family”.

The new CM series is called “Giga narrative”, set in the fictional “Giga Country”. Set in a dystopian world V6 member Junichi Okada is the leader of the group.

By his side is the “big sister” of the group actress Tao Tsuchiya, along with Nogizaka46 ace Mai Shiraishi and DISH// member Takumi Kitamura. The group is rounded out by a robot companion, who actually turns out to be a familiar character!

The CM will promote SoftBanks exceptional wi-fi services, and will start to air nationwide all across Japan beginning on January 12th. There are two parts to the CM series so far, the first is one minute long while the second is 30 seconds. Check out both below!