Arashi’s Jun Matsumoto stars in new CMS for Meiji & KOSE

Arashi member Jun Matsumoto¬†is still the face of Meiji chocolate, and he’s back with a new CM.

In the CM Matsumoto behind a panel made out of Meiji chocolate bars. One after the other a panel switches out to reveal Matsumoto, but he’s interrupted by an “alien” called John. Perhaps he is the Caucasian version of Matsumoto? Check it out below.

When asked about his resolutions for 2019, Matsumoto was excited to bring up that this year will be the 20th anniversary since Arashi was formed and made their debut. He’s very excited to celebrate this happy feeling with all their fans.

Matsumoto is also the star of another new CM, but this time he’s joined by fellow Arashi member Masaki Aiba. The CM is for “Je l’aime relax”, a shampoo and conditioner line under KOSE.

The CM begins with Matsumoto and Aiba describing the treatment, while a female model demonstrates the product. The result is silky smooth hair, as both Arashi members are in awe of her hair.