Busaiku to Release New Single After Nearly 2 Years

Kis-My-Ft2‘s unit Busaiku (Wataru Yokoo, Toshiya Miyata, Takashi Nikaido, Kento Senga) will release their 4th single “Michishirube” next year on January 4.  It has been a year and 10 months since their last single  “Yacchatta!” was released in March 2015.

The A-side is a ballad written and composed by all 4 members.  The group lodged together for 10 days to create their song, plan the music video and CD jacket, and hold meetings with staff members.  Busaiku’s music videos always begin with the sound of a music box, but this time the story starts from the music box itself.  The stage from their debut song is also used as a symbol, and there are humorous ‘Busaiku-like’ shots throughout the MV.

The members commented as follows: “We hope to convey our gratitude for our fans through this work, and I’m glad to have made a step towards this.” (Yokoo) “I would like our fans and society to have a chance to see Busaiku as the center.  Through creating and filming this piece, we were able to become even closer with each other.” (Miyata) “While we hope to be able to show a new side of Busaiku, we were also able to show a bit of how we’ve always been in our MV.” (Nikaido) “I almost cried a few times while filming the MV.  Busaiku has a wide range of possibilities, and it’s very dear to us because it’s where we can do what only the 4 of us are capable of doing.” (Senga)