#BREAKING: Rola is allergic to cats

Contemporary philosopher Rola has took to social media to share the pains of her allergy to cats, and as a cat lover herself she received the sympathy of many.

A few days ago on Twitter the star tweeted that she is currently suffering from a serious bout of hay fever, along with an allergy to our feline friends. Hay Fever is a type of inflammation in the nose that happens when your immune system overreacts to certain allergens in the air. Red itchy/watering eyes and a runny nose are common symptoms. Upon sharing the news she received thousands of replies from concerned fans and onlookers.

Some of the replies included: “Wow, Rola has a cat allergy?“, “Cat and pollen allergy…having double must be hard work”, and “Are you OK?

The cat allergy in particular was very surprising for fans, considering last year in October Rola actually adopted a pet kitten from a local public health center. She welcomed the new addition to her family with a video on her official Instagram account

She even created a separate Instagram account for Uni Dango, which has so far amassed over 12k followers

☺️🌥good morning!!

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For such an animal lover it must be tough to suffer from such allergies, but she has received praise for giving a cat a loving home despite her sensitivity to the animals.

(niconews + ameba times)