Bandai & PEACH JOHN collaborate for new Sailor Moon lingerie sets

Bandai announced on September 10th that they would be releasing the second “turn yourself into Sailor Moon bra set”.

They have collaborated with undergarment maker “PEACH JOHN” to make new skirt sets and the bras will range from sizes B to F. The outer soldiers have also been added, making 10 new sets for fans to buy.

The cute designs have garnered the attention of many Sailor Moon fans. The first set was released this past February, but quickly sold-out with fans preordering them. Due to popular demand, Bandai has decided to release this second set, in hopes that everyone who wants a set will be able to get one.

In addition to the bra sets, they have added Princess Serenity and Black Lady negligees. Bandai has also brought back pajama sets of the inner soldier’s school uniforms.

Prices will range from 5,378 yen to 14,019 yen ($50-$131 USD). Fans can start placing orders on Bandai and PEACH JOHN’s official websites on September 19th at 1pm.

(via: JoshiPlus)

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