Ayumi Hamasaki helps support Kyushu during 2016 Kumamoto Earthquakes

This past Thursday, April 14th, a large earthquake struck Japan’s Kyushu region in Kumamoto prefecture. The earthquake has been recorded as a 7, affecting neighbouring Oita prefecture as well. While the earthquake was not as large as the March 2011 earthquake that hit Japan’s Tohoku region, the aftershocks of Kumamoto’s main quake have caused massive damage to the region and are ongoing.

In addition to traditional structures being severely damaged, roads have also been destroyed, resulting in limited transportation in the effected areas. Many citizens have also been left in shelters and in need of basic necessities such as drinking water. As of now, 43 people have been confirmed to have lost their lives in the disaster, and the aftershocks of the quake have not seemed to end. The most recent reported quake was a strong 5, and occurred Monday 18th, at 8:42PM JST.

In the midst of the disaster, Fukuoka-born singer Ayumi Hamasaki is showing love and support for her fellow Kyushu people through instagram. Ayu has shared 4 posts asking her fans to help support those affected and in need.

“[Please share/spread] On the 18th (Mon.) at 12PM, relief products will be sent from Fukuoka to Kumamoto. We will be bringing medical supplies, children’s diapers, adult diapers, baby food, snacks for kids, coloring books, toys, water, nutritional supplements, sanitary napkins, towels, dry shampoo, body cleansing sheets, facial cleansing sheets, wet tissues, toilet paper, new undergarments, clothing, blankets, toothbrushes,  paper plates, wooden chopsticks, Saran Wrap,  packaged foods, and more. For those in Fukuoka who are able to contribute, please bring supplies to Momochihama Clinic, Relax Body Yuyu, Yakuin Bar Lily, and Gravity Yoga Fukuoka. For those in Tokyo, please bring your supplies to Roppongi Itchome Clinic and Sapporo a-clinic. Doctor Shinichi Yoshida of Momochihama Clinic will be responsible for delivering the goods to Kumamoto.”

(via modelpress, Ayumi Hamasaki official instragram)