Japan Box Office Ranking (Week of Apr 9 – 10)

The top 3 at the box office charts remained unchanged for 3 weeks already. Assassination Classroom: Graduation still holds the top spot, Doraemon Movie 36: Nobita and the Birth of Japan and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice retained the 2nd and 3rd place.

Check out the latest in the charts below. ***This is a late post and a new chart is out so that will be up in a few days for this ranking post to be updated.

Japan Box Office Apr 9 – 10
RankLast WeekMovieWeeks
11Assassination Classroom: Graduation3
22Doraemon Movie 36: Nobita and the Birth of Japan6
33Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice3
44Chihayafuru: Kaminoku4
57Boku Dake ga Inai Machi4
65The Good Dinosaur5
76Kamen Rider 13
99Ayashii Kanojo2
108Precure All Stars Movie: Minna de Utau♪: Kiseki no Mahou4

Assasination Classroom: Graduation kept the top spot for 3 straight weeks. The movie was watched by 167,429 people and earned 201,085,000 Yen. The movie reached total mobilization of 2.6 million viewers and total gross 0f 2.77 billion Yen, which already surpassed that of the first film. It will soon reach 2.9 billion Yen in earnings.

Doraemon Movie 36: Nobita and the Birth of Japan is at no. 2 and mobilized an additional 96,707 viewers and earned 115,511,200 Yen.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is again at the 3rd place. The film attracted 90,014 viewers and earned 146,020,900 Yen.

Chihayafuru: Kaminoku also kept the 4th position. The movie already topped 1 billion Yen in earnings.

For new films, Room, which won the Best Actress award for its leading star Brie Larson at the 88th Annual Academy Awards, was shown in 76 screens. The film attracted 38,127 viewers and earned 57,242,300 Yen.

(via Eiga ranking)