Ayumi Hamasaki, ATSUSHI, Minami Takahashi, and MAX Among Celebrities Who Have Become Correction Support Officers

The Japanese Ministry of Justice has formed a team composed of celebrities┬áto assist in the rehabilitation of prisoners. These celebrities are to be called “correction support officers.” They will visit various correctional facilities around Japan and entertain the prisoners as well as give lectures about how their life experiences. Among the celebrities who are part of this team are Ayumi Hamasaki, EXILE’s ATSUSHI, AKB48’s Minami Takahashi, and MAX.

Today, an induction ceremony was held. All of the celebrities named above appeared at the event except Minami. When Ayu was approached about this opportunity, she jumped on it without hesitation. She started studying the Japanese penal system in an effort to figure out how best to do her new job. These visits will start in the middle of May.

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