Avex starts uploading videos for Johnny & Associate acts on YouTube

Who ever thought we would see the day? Avex trax has officially stared to upload content from Johnny & Associate groups that have ties with the company.

Last year it was alleged that Johnny & Associates would finally start to embrace the internet, and it quickly turned out to be true.

Earlier in the year they finally lifted some of the restrictions on their image ban, so now the photos of talents that belong to the agency can appear on various online websites. They followed this by creating an official YouTube account for Johnnys Jr.

Now, Johnny’s has given the green light to Avex to allow content from Johnny’s talent on their official YouTube page. V6 has been with Avex Trax since their debut back in 1995, and they were the first to start appearing on the page. Many of their recent singles such as COLORS, Can’t Get Enough, and Beautiful World can now all be viewed worldwide.

Kis-my-ft2 is the other Johnny’s act under avex, and uploads of their content quickly followed after V6. Tons of content from their sub-group, Busaiku has also been made available.

One thing to note however is that the full MVs have not been uploaded, not even “short versions”, it’s more like previews. It seems that Johnny & Associates is only allowing each video to be 1 minute long, every single upload is either 1 minute long or 40-50 seconds. But it’s a start right?

To watch content from V6 click here
To watch content from Kis-my-ft2 click here
To watch content from Busaiku click here