Ai Otsuka’s new song Dracaena selected as ending theme for “Pikachin-Kit”

It has been determined that Ai Otsuka’s brand new song Dracaena will serve as the new ending theme for the children’s anime show Pikachin-Kit.

Dracaena has been described a mid-tempo ballad, with lyrics about the bonds and compassion that guide us through life. The song is named after a type of plant that consts of over 100 different types of trees and succulent shrubs.

Dracaena will air for the very first time on April 7th, from then on it will be available digitally in Japan for purchase or streaming.

Pikachin-Kit is a multimedia project that will include anime, managa, toys, YouTube videos, and even a variety program. The staff for the anime features many members who previously worked with Pokemon and Yo-Kai Watch.