AKB48 leaves center position vacant at concert due to Jurina Matsui’s illness

Mega girl group AKB48 recently completed a successful concert at the Yokohama Arena on August 2nd, titled “Sekai Senbatsu Sousenkyo Kansha Sai“.

This concert in particular had many fans curious due to the 2018 Senbatsu Election winner Jurina Matsui, who took home the crown back in June 2018. Unfortunately, Matsui is currently taking a hiatus from performing due to poor health.

Many wondered if someone would fill in for Matsui’s center positions, espically during the performance of their new song.

Right before the Senbatsu Elections were going to take place, she actually collapsed on stage while performing with AKB48. Matsui’s workload has been quite heavy, besides standard work in AKB48 and SKE48, she has also been heavily involved in the wrestling scene and took part in the South Korean variety show “Produce 48”.

In July it was decided that all of her activities would be halted until her health is stable again, as a result she hasn’t been able to make any appearances with AKB48 and had to pull out of “Produce 48′.

During the concert AKB48 performed a new song titled “Sentimental Train“, which Matsui was supposed to be center in. To show support for their recovering member the other girls left the center position vacant.

The runner-up in the election Akari Suda greeted the fans telling them that even though Matsui was still unable to perform, she hoped that fans would still have a good time. It’s currently unknown as to when she will return.

Wishing Jurina a speedy recovery!

(via news.dwango)