Nogizaka46 release two MVs for “Sora Tobira” and “Sankaku no Akichi”

Nogizaka46 has uploaded two brand new MVs to their official YouTube channel for the tracks “Sora Tobira” and “Sankaku no Akichi”.

Both songs serve as b-sides for their 21st single “Jikochuu de Ikou!“.

“Sora Tobira” will be included on every single version of the single, and it’s performed by 16 members in total spanning from generation 1, 2 and 3. The track is an upbeat pop song.

The MV for “Sora Tobira” is quite fun, the members portray spacecraft engineers, who have a dream of launching their own satellite into space. The MV showcases the girls training, developing the satellite, and making their dream a reality.

Sankaku no Akichi” is performed by Nogizaka46’s “Under Members”, and will appear on the Type A versions of “Jikochuu de Ikou!”. The MV follows a little girl who dreams of performing on stage, while the majoirty of the MV consists of the Under Members performing. It closes with the father of the little girl crying as he watches them before, it turns out that little girl is Nogizaka46 member Kana Nakada!

“Jikochuu de Ikou!” will be released on August 8th, 2018.